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SLV Trading Corporation (SLVTC)

At your doorstep within 30 minutes:

SLVTC sprouted in the Silicon city of India - Bangalore in the year 2002. Operating by the credo “At your doorstep within 30 minutes", SLVTC takes care of the maintenance, installation, and repairing services of various appliances in Bangalore.

For us “Customer is God”

Perfection and unparalleled customer service top the list of our virtues and we travel the extra mile to serve our customers better. We care for your appliances, and we show it!

For us “Better is best”

Better is best for us and this is possible with the dedication and hard work of our experienced and well-groomed core team who willingly strive hard to bring a smile to our customers' face! With over 15 years of industry experience and 30 professionals working together, we are a one-stop shop for all the installation, cleaning, and repair services for your appliances throughout Bangalore.

Affordability is the key

If perfection goes hand in hand with affordability, it is here as we provide cost-effective services within the promised time duration.

Here is a sneak peek into our services:

  • Cleaning services: We provide cleaning services for Chimneys, Hobs, Cook tops, and Cooking ranges
  • Repairing services: We provide repairing services for Chimneys, Hobs, Cook tops, and Cooking ranges, Microwave ovens, Washing machines, and Dishwashers.
  • Installation services: We provide Chimney installation services.

Better is best for us Find out the reasons for our excellence in delivery

We have a stringent quality policy and our employees take it seriously. We focus on maintaining high quality standards that are achieved through adoption of best policies, established models and methodologies, and an uncompromising approach. Here are the highlights of our quality policy:

  • Supply of Products and services that meet or exceed Customer Requirements & expectations.
  • Strive for continual improvement, & remain customer focused to enhance Customer satisfaction.
  • Update & Upgrade its Processes and Personnel to meet the ever changing Business requirements.
  • By complying ISO 9001:2000

Here’s what we strive to achieve:

Our Mission is to increase the awareness of the electrical chimney appliances and safe. The wise use of these sustainable non-polluting resource.


  • We ensure operational excellence by providing superior customer service.
  • We ensure that our customers are given consistent attention.
  • We make sure that our customers are attended to within a short span of 30 minutes.


  • We serve with loyalty and honesty as primitive motives.
  • We ensure to employ best resources who are loyal and work as a team to help us achieve our goals.
  • We ensure to reward our employees with best possible compensation and benefits. We also ensure that they are at par with the updates in the industry.


  • We make it a point to interact with our business partners and vendors, and attend to their needs. This helps us in reaping mutual benefits.
  • We are focused and we ensure that our business partners and vendors help us in being self-directed.

Why choose us?

Everybody has standards, ours are just better. With around 15 years of industry experience and a core team with more than 30 professionals who are dedicated in serving our customers better, we assure you that we are the best choice. We strive to achieve operational excellence, keeping in mind the policies of corporate social responsibility and corporate governance. We believe that "quality services" is a package including customer support and timely assistance and live by it.