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Cooking Range Cleaning Service

A sophisticated household had to be kept clean and cleaning of home appliance should be made into to routine for proper maintenance of the appliance and for it to last longer. Cleaning cooking ranges with care is important not only because that's the way it has to be, it has a deeper usage.

Stoves are to be inspected and kept clean for safety purposes. Cleaning the appliance should be done with care keeping the connections intact as leakage can cause casualties and injuries to the person using it or even the entire family. Stove cleaning is our forte, considering the experience and skills of our team.

Also, the oven has to be kept clean as it has direct connection to the food you eat. Health is wealth, and keeping the cooking space clean is vital.

The oven or your entire cooking range for instance, should be cleaned by professionals to avoid any repairs that might occur due to the cleaning solution you might use. Keep your Cooking Range clean and shining.
Contact us, as we offer unparalleled and affordable cooking range cleaning services in Bangalore.

Why is cooking range cleaning necessary?

  • Regular cleaning ensures increase in the life span of the appliance
  • Regular cleaning of stove or cooktop ensures safety and prevents injuries or casualties
  • Cleaning ensures that the appliance is free of oil deposits and leakage
  • Shining cooking ranges are a treat to the eyes and might contribute in a small way to enjoy your cooking time!

What we can do for you?

  • Cleaning of any brand of cooking ranges at competitive prices
  • Post-cleaning set-up of your cooking range
  • Preventive maintenance protection
  • We clean the gas burners, inspect the gas pipelines, inspect the connections, perform safety checks, rectify the damages and ensure proper working of the appliance.
  • We leave the place mess-free, and spic & span
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Why Choose SLVTC?

Explore new ways to see what’s working and fix what’s not. Our team has the expertise in the field of maintenance and installation of appliances considering we are in the industry for a good 15 years now. Our core team of 30 professionals put in their combined experience and knowledge to provide solutions. Here are our key features:

Competitive prices

Quality services at competitive prices is what we promise. Affordable service charge is one of our key features.

Support and assistance

Support within 30 minutes of registering a complaint or requesting a service. We do not let you adjust with non-functioning appliances. We also provide 24/7 support and assistance.


Spare warranty is yet another privilege given to SLVTC customers.

We are thought leaders

SLV Trading Corporation (SLVTC) has been taking care of appliances for the past 15 years and considering our vast clientele, we can rightly be called as thought leaders. Take a look at the brand that we have/ are working with.

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